The Upcoming Multichain Metaverse ‘Blood Of Yakuza’ Rolling Out First NFT Collection

‘Blood Of Yakuza’ (BOFY) is a revolutionary gaming MMO virtual world that combines entertaining action with the use of groundbreaking Non-Fungible Token technology. The game lets users own, trade, and use in-game items in unprecedented ways. ‘Blood Of Yakuza’ gives users the ability to finally own their in-game items, as well as to exchange them with other players in a method that is both safe and secure. This new technology offers an entirely new level of immersion and excitement to the realm of massively multiplayer online games, and we cannot wait to see what players do with it!

‘Blood Of Yakuza’ is an upcoming MMO game that will feature a unique multi-chain token ecosystem. A collection of 3333 “Bounder” NFTs will be available for mint. This will be the first opportunity for members of the public to mint their own “Bounder” NFTs, which are sure to be a hot commodity. The “Bounder” NFTs will be available in a variety of designs, and each one will be unique. So don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of these rare and valuable NFTs!

‘Blood Of Yakuza’ native multichain token $BOFY will have the capacity to be moved onto any chain with a currently in development in-game bridging solution. This will allow for increased flexibility and interoperability between different blockchains. In a recent statement by the developers, “The bridging solution is still in development, but we are confident that the final solution will be able to provide our token holders with the flexibility they require to utilize and store their tokens and NFTs in the most convenient way to the player”.

$BOFY Project Tokenomics

Tokenomics are the economic principles and conditions governing the issuance, distribution, and use of tokens in a given system. In the case of the $BOFY token, the tokenomics are designed to prevent the price of the token from dropping and to discourage early cashouts. The tokenomics are based on the latest DAO standards, which are themselves based on best practices in the field of tokenomics. By following these standards, the $BOFY token should be able to maintain its value and remain an attractive investment for those looking to participate in the ‘Blood Of Yakuza’ ecosystem.

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