Blood of Yakuza Is Coming To BETA Testing!

The Blood Of Yakuza is a new metaverse powered by blockchain technology that is currently being developed. The team behind it has recently announced that although the official launch of the game is scheduled for later this year, they will be holding closed BETA testing by the end of June.

Somewhere in the future, a new virtual world has been born. This world is a revolutionary gaming MMO virtual world that combines entertaining action with the use of groundbreaking non-fungible token technology. In this world, players can explore, fight, and interact with each other in a futuristic metaverse set in Japan using blockchain-based in-game items. This new virtual world offers a unique gaming experience that is unlike anything else that is currently available.

NFTs Are The New Opportunity in Gaming

NFT technology is the latest innovation in the gaming industry, and it is revolutionizing the way gamers play and interact with each other. The use of NFTs allows gamers to own virtual items and assets that are stored on the blockchain. This means that the items can not be duplicated or destroyed, and they can be traded or sold on the open market. NFTs are also used to track achievements and accomplishments in the game, and they can be used to show off your skills to other players. The possibilities for NFTs in gaming are endless, and they are sure to change the landscape of the industry for years to come.

The “Blood of Yakuza” metaverse will consist of 30,000 mintable NFTs. These NFTs will be used to represent virtual assets and experiences within the metaverse and can be traded, sold, or exchanged for other NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Expansion Into Multi-Chain

The metaverse is currently being deployed on the Binance Smart-Chain network. The team announced plans to expand to the Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon networks. The move comes as the metaverse looks to increase its footprint in the blockchain space and provide its users with more options for deploying their applications. The expansion will also allow the team to continue its work on developing the metaverse protocol and expanding its functionality.

The Blood Of Yakuza token, aka $BOFY, is the most valuable asset that blockchain players can possess in the metaverse. $BOFY multichain token can be moved onto any chain with our in-house bridging solution being developed. With this token, gamers will be able to facilitate all game activities that they desire. Whether it is buying in-game items, upgrading their characters, or even betting on game outcomes, the Blood Of Yakuza token will make it all possible. Not to mention, the token can also be used as a form of currency outside of the gaming world. So if you’re a true blockchain gamer, make sure to get your hands on a Blood of Yakuza token!

For more information about the game, check out the game’s whitepaper.



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